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Whatsapp Marketing: Why it is so important in 2024?

WhatsApp marketing is one form of messenger-based promotion used to connect businesses with large markets while building strong customer relationships and driving sales growth. Businesses using SendPulse chatbots can easily turn leads into customers while providing 24/7 support services for them.

Why Should Your Company Use WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most widely used messaging services, with 3 billion monthly active users expected by 2025. WhatsApp provides businesses a crucial channel for engaging with people living in developing nations – India alone has close to 100 million monthly WhatsApp customers while Brazilians boast nearly as many. Furthermore, this platform can also be leveraged to market themselves to US audiences with over 69 million Americans using it on a monthly basis!

WhatsApp marketing enables your business to stay in contact with customers. Over half of WhatsApp users access it daily, guaranteeing you an audience of over 98% for any offer made via text messages.

Your clients enjoy using chat to communicate, with 53% preferring businesses they can communicate with via chat programs.

Utilizing WhatsApp as part of your marketing plan offers many advantages. Discover its potential as a channel for promotion.

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business: Build stronger customer relationships, Achieve higher conversion rates, Improve sales figures.
Cost-Effective Marketing Messenger apps such as WhatsApp can provide an inexpensive and efficient way to promote your business.

Here are three advantages of using it as a promotional vehicle:

WhatsApp Marketing Creates Strong Connections

advantages of using whatsapp marketing as a promotional vehicle

With over 55% of users experiencing closer connections with brands when using messaging applications like WhatsApp, this makes WhatsApp marketing an effective method of developing lasting connections between you and your clients. Furthermore, retention costs tend to be five to 25 times less expensive than acquisitions for companies.

WhatsApp provides businesses with various tools to customize their messages in the initial version, providing businesses with a variety of ways to customize the way they reach out to customers and prospects. You can create welcome messages tailored specifically for customers or create special deals and birthday wishes tailored specifically for specific individuals – keeping people more interested in your brand – with over 70 percent of people engaging only with personalized advertising messages.

Higher Conversion Rates

higher conversion rate of using whatsapp marketing.

Selecting the ideal channel to make initial contact with customers is of vital importance; customers may become disgruntled if you call them repeatedly while remaining unresponsive on social media or email.

WhatsApp can be an extremely valuable asset in encouraging customers towards purchase. According to research conducted by companies, up to 40% of customers responded positively when receiving WhatsApp messages from them.

Furthermore, messages can drive sales. Sending texts after initial contact with prospects has shown to increase conversion rates by 112.6 percent. Through WhatsApp marketing may not be your only solution to increasing conversion rates; read our comprehensive tutorial on optimizing conversion rates to learn other tricks!

WhatsApp marketing acts like a magic bullet for increasing sales, with just the simple step of placing the WhatsApp phone number on your website leading to an increase of 27 percent in lead sales.

As reported by Applause Research Group, using messaging apps as a marketing strategy can instil customer confidence when shopping from them; at least 66% of their target market feel more comfortable doing business with companies found within messaging apps.

Consider WhatsApp an independent selling channel for your company, particularly given the growing trend of using messaging apps to make purchases. 60 percent of users believe that messaging apps will become their go-to purchasing method in the near future.

The cost of Marketing Is Lower

Make the WhatsApp Link 3

WhatsApp remains an economical marketing solution that small-sized companies can utilize effectively. All it takes to get going is downloading an application to connect to the Internet.

Also, your chances that your message will reach its target audience are extremely high; on average, an individual uses WhatsApp more than 23 times each day!

WhatsApp marketing increases conversion and sales while building customer relationships at virtually no expense to your business. Find out how you can implement an effective WhatsApp marketing plan here.

Make the Business App your primary tool for setting goals and KPIs; create personas for your brand; design contact lists; and ensure all communications are crafted accordingly.

Strategy to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Strategy to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

A well-planned strategy can enhance the effectiveness of every marketing method. By planning out and altering your actions as necessary, there are plenty of ideas available that can help you build a WhatsApp marketing plan with effective outcomes.

  1. Establish Your Goals and KPIs
    To get your WhatsApp marketing strategy underway, start by setting goals and KPIs that reflect your marketing objectives. This will allow you to focus your efforts on those most pressing while drawing the line between tasks you should focus on and those that don’t warrant consideration.

Revisions should begin by revising your marketing channel and identifying weak points. Think about what business goals your WhatsApp marketing plan can help achieve; identify KPIs to gauge whether those goals have been reached or not.

If your company is having difficulty keeping customers engaged, promotional messages sent via WhatsApp could help engage them more efficiently and boost retention rates for existing customers. Here, key performance indicators could be things such as clicks received, engagement levels or the retention rate of customers.

  1. Define Your Audience
    Knowing who will receive your marketing efforts will determine their success and shape your marketing activities accordingly. There are various methods of identifying customers; among the most popular being customer profiles. For more information, see our tutorial on creating individual buyer personas.

Another option is using JTBD (Jobs to be Done Framework). If this approach is chosen, be aware of these considerations:

Why do people purchase your product or service?What benefits are they expecting to realize from doing so?
What outcomes are their desired?
No matter which methodology you employ, ensure you avoid speculation and guesswork in favor of researching your target audience. In the initial phase, using the JTBD approach, conduct interviews with 10-15 customers from your existing customer base who recently purchased something.

To create customer profiles, you can conduct customer surveys via social media. Alternatively, information gleaned from Google Analytics, CRM systems, Facebook Ads or AdWords may also be helpful – this will allow you to understand which demographic and geographic traits define the customers you typically serve.

  1. Download the Business App
    To meet the needs of both large and small companies’ requirements, WhatsApp introduced its standalone Business application, with features including:

Your company profile should include key details about you and your business such as its name, address, contact details, email address and website. A virtual catalog could also help showcase all of the items available in the catalogue.
Labels provide an easy and efficient way to organize conversations with clients, categorizing conversations according to selling funnel phases and automating quick responses so you can stay in contact with customers while responding swiftly.
Statistics on messages delivered, sent and read are used for tracking purposes.

  1. Create a Persona for Your Brand
    People prefer engaging with businesses that can feel personal. In order for WhatsApp marketing campaigns to succeed, businesses should create their own distinct identity: their persona embodies attributes as well as attitudes and beliefs that reflect what defines their company brand.

Do you remember the market leaders? Each one has an identifiable personality; Apple may appear intelligent and creative; Fanta may appear friendly and relaxed; Nike passionate and energetic. Each brand you represent possesses an individuality; uncover it and discover which traits are important for expressing that identity via WhatsApp messages with potential customers.

Give the impression of human connection when communicating with clients. Make sure to use an individual name instead of simply the company’s name as this will leave an impactful mark in people’s minds.

  1. Create a List of Contacts
    If your goal is to use WhatsApp beyond customer support and you need additional contacts, a great way to build accounts and gain new ones is with subscription forms placed across various websites with offers of an eBook or discount for sign-ups.

Consider creating multichannel forms. They allow your users to select which channels they’d like updates on – emails, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger among them – enabling you to communicate with clients more effectively using channels they prefer; increasing participation rates while simultaneously increasing conversion rates. SendPulse forms builder makes multichannel form creation effortless!

Be sure to segment your target audience properly to create the most tailored messages and offer a tailored experience for each person. Referring back to our guidelines for mailer list segmentation is helpful in doing just this – although designed for email marketing specifically, many of the strategies can also apply when used for WhatsApp marketing.

  1. Take care when crafting communications
    WhatsApp messages have impressive open rates compared to other channels, yet unrelated or subpar material could render any marketing you do through this channel unrecognizable and therefore, ineffective.

Step one is identifying your most essential topics and messages you would like to convey. Don’t limit yourself to marketing messages only; always aim to educate and entertain viewers as well. Keep messages short and succinct as users often browse WhatsApp while on the move and don’t have time for lengthy reading.

Enhance your message with multimedia files like animations, videos, or images to make it more impactful and appealing. Emoji can also be an effective marketing strategy on WhatsApp; for a fun approach you may choose individuals or faces instead of items geared specifically toward business.

Another consideration when delivering messages should be frequency of message delivery. Over-saturating customers with daily messaging could make them frustrated with your brand, so aim for five to ten messages delivered each week as an optimal goal.

  1. Provide Outstanding Customer Service
    Messaging apps have become the go-to channel for customer service from brands. Over 59% of respondents believe they can receive faster responses through messaging apps while over 50% receive their best advice and assistance through this channel – that’s where WhatsApp marketing becomes useful!

WhatsApp allows your company to respond quickly to client enquiries and offer 24/7 assistance – this feature is especially important given that 28 percent of users expect assistance within an hour while 18 percent anticipate prompt replies.

Navigating WhatsApp can be challenging, but using a chatbot and sending inquiries and their answers could provide 24/7 customer service support that reduces costs by up to 30 percent.

As a quick summary, devising a WhatsApp marketing strategy involves setting goals, researching your target audience, producing high-quality content and maintaining good relations with your users. Some brands have managed to perfect the art of developing these plans successfully; we will explore several examples and concepts you could incorporate in future WhatsApp campaigns.

5 WhatsApp Marketing Ideas and Examples

Make the WhatsApp Link 5

Marketing your business involves cultivating relationships with users while offering something of value, but there’s always room for innovation when it comes to promotional efforts like WhatsApp ads from all kinds of companies. Maybe we’ll find some inspiration there for marketing your own venture! Let’s examine some ads from various kinds of companies on WhatsApp so we can come up with 5 strategies and examples you could implement yourself!

Klook: Transactional Messaging

Online travel site Klook has taken to using WhatsApp in order to increase customer satisfaction and retention, developing its marketing strategy to include notifications about reservations.

Klook prioritized customer needs when selecting its communication platform of choice; since Klook serves an expansive audience across the Asia-Pacific region, WhatsApp was chosen due to its widespread usage.

Travel website Klook invited users on its website and apps to sign up for WhatsApp notifications, which included notifications and updates. Ultimately, WhatsApp received 60% more opt-ins than Klook application push notifications; customer retention rates rose 40% as a result.

Klook uses WhatsApp for all transactional messages sent from it. Source: Facebook.

Netflix Provides Personal Recommendations

Netflix knows a thing or two about keeping its subscribers engaged with its service, offering recommendations based on personal experience on its mobile app. In 2017, they expanded this service to WhatsApp as well.

Netflix introduced this offer for WhatsApp users in India during January – its largest market. Users who had both Netflix and WhatsApp running simultaneously could stay in contact via messaging with each other via WhatsApp – when clicking “I’m In”, users began receiving updates regarding their account, TV programs and film recommendations via WhatsApp messaging. One year after initially introducing this initiative in India, they extended this offer to customers in the UK as well.

Staying in contact with customers who had cancelled their Netflix subscription proved key in getting them back. Reminders about new show premieres or announcements led subscribers back into signing up with Netflix streaming service.

Techjokey reports on Netflix’s notifications on WhatsApp. Source: Techjokey

Agent Provocateur provides extensive Counseling.

The high-end lingerie brand known for its exquisite designs, decided to expand upon its services of offering recommendations for clients. Recently it introduced its Menage a Trois campaign for Christmas season shopping.

Agent Provocateur offered couples the opportunity to join its group chat via WhatsApp messaging with its assistant, where an Agent Provocateur representative offered personal suggestions and led discussions about what customers wanted this Christmas season.

31% of conversations resulted in in-store visits, and 61% converted into web traffic. Due to its success, Agent Provocateur decided to implement WhatsApp counselling as an ongoing option for clients who had been granted privileges.

Source: HuffPost

Saffola offers real-time support

Anyone who has tried dieting will know the struggle of resisting cravings such as pizza and biscuits can be very challenging, yet Indian medical brand Saffola has created a campaign around preventing this desire for food that is unhealthy.

Saffola created a WhatsApp chatbot to assist people with breaking away from unhealthy eating habits that plague them, providing people a means of reaching out when craving comfort food and distracting them with positive messages or puzzles or even playing an audio track promoting its latest active slimming beverage product.

Screenshot from Saffola’s Beat the Craving promotional video. Source: WAT Consult

Adidas: Tackling Audience Issues

Adidas is a leading brand of sportswear. In a recent campaign aimed at increasing shoes sales, Adidas employed WhatsApp exclusively in targeting an extremely small subset of users – football amateurs. By helping these amateurs solve specific issues they faced themselves, Adidas succeeded in expanding its audience base.

Football teams frequently find themselves struggling with problems relating to personnel. If some members leave just before an event or game ends without having an adequate replacement available, Adidas offers WhatsApp hotlines that allow you to find replacement players at no charge. Call an WhatsApp hotline with details about your matchup, and provide essential details of it – for an agreed upon fee Adidas will provide professional footballers who will participate in your match!

Adidas’ campaign, running for six days and targeting specific demographics, yielded outstanding results. Notably, it garnered significant coverage in football media such as blogs and websites for retail sales as well as other channels of media.

Source: Medium A WhatsApp chat between one of the Adidas representatives and Medium.
Many of them are straightforward and effective while others require some creative ingenuity to duplicate. All demonstrate key principles of successful marketing: listen to and understand your target audience’s requirements; give them what they require in terms of value; think creatively when developing solutions for them. Do you want more knowledge about WhatsApp tricks? Read up now.

5 WhatsApp Marketing Tips

There are various techniques for developing a WhatsApp marketing plan; today we will look into some more specific approaches.

Create Broadcast Lists

Broadcast lists refer to any group of people gathered together so they cannot see each other or receive messages individually, effectively making it like segments on an email list.

Broadcast lists are an effective tool for communicating relevant campaigns to specific customer segments. For instance, you could compile all your VIP customers onto one list and send out exclusive offers or solicit referrals from existing customers; take advantage of this feature to keep clients engaged!

Make use of group chats

These may appear similar to broadcast lists; however, the main difference lies in that chats allow members to see each other and exchange views within the group.

Group chats can be an excellent way to promote dialogue between clients. In such an instance, it could serve as an effective warm-up before any offline or online event takes place.

Individual clients could also purchase in groups, which is common practice among firms selling expensive equipment like industrial machines or computers; however, consumer goods sellers could benefit from employing this technique – just look at Agent Provocateur!

Utilize WhatsApp Statuses

Are you familiar with Facebook and Instagram posts? WhatsApp statuses might ring a bell as well; they allow you to easily send texts or multimedia files out to all of your contacts for feedback purposes and also post it directly onto Facebook within 24 hours after publishing updates.

Instagram Stories have long been one of the go-to tools in marketing, while WhatsApp statuses can also prove effective for advertising special offers, product details, coupons and promotions. WhatsApp statuses could even be used to host a one-day flash sale exclusively on their platform!

Design a Catalogue for Your Product

In 2019, WhatsApp introduced catalogues that allow you to showcase products. This tool has proved very successful; even Instagram launched its “Instagram Shop.”.

Your WhatsApp catalogue of items allows you to add up to 500 products for customers to browse and send links to desired products or ask any related questions directly. Furthermore, merchandise from the catalogue can also be distributed among WhatsApp users or sent anywhere online; making this feature very handy for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs without websites.

People often find it challenging to initiate chats with brands via WhatsApp due to having to locate and store contact numbers before beginning conversations. An easier solution exists in creating WhatsApp links; simply create one, place it on your website or chatbots/landing pages/emails etc and when people click it, they will see an existing message appear from you. WhatsWaves provides this tool that enables quick creation without incurring extra costs!

WhatsApp marketing provides your company with an invaluable opportunity to build its image and foster long-term relationships with its clients. However, for the greatest results possible, you must move beyond WhatsApp marketing alone and master all channels your customers use—Facebook messages, Telegram messages, and push notification campaigns are just some of these channels. To begin using them, sign up at WhatsWaves today, and let this be the start of something great!

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